After reviewing CTI’s operations there are a number of potential opportunities to supply new and value-added products and components to SICO.

Paul Bender Vice President Operations, SICO North America March 30, 2015

Chicago Tube has been very responsive in providing guidance and samples for Sico’s changeover to HSLA tube steel on a significant product redesign project. Timely delivery of short-run samples was critical to helping us verify our designs and ensure that it could be processed through our facility with existing tooling.

Chris Dickey Product Development Engineer, SICO North America March 30, 2015

SICO’s receiving and storage for tube steel presents many challenges due to the nature of our location and building structure. SICO has always had a local supplier that would deliver frequent smaller loads and schedule deliveries as weather permitted. When SICO’s long term supplier changed its business model, Chicago Tube and Iron stepped in to support SICO with full length tube steel deliveries from its Saint Paul service center. CTI was able to quickly ramp up with product and delivery schedules to support the busy summer months at SICO where other suppliers struggled to support our unique receiving and storage constraints. With the success and implementation of the full length program, SICO has begun to utilize other capabilities from CTI including laser cutting and engineering expertise to support new projects.

Monica Svobodny Procurement Manager, SICO North America March 30, 2015

Your attention to detail prevented us from having to experience a lot of last-minute scrambling and panic. I wish all of our customer service folks and suppliers were like CTI .

Dave Heinen Tactical Buyer, Corporate Procurement, Vermeer March 26, 2015

Knowledgeable Customer Service, vast product knowledge along with delivering quality products are just a few key factors that set CTI apart from the competition. CTI’s mill relationships have given Super Radiator more options as our product mix continues to be more diverse. Chicago Tube and Iron is a supplier that is always available and ready to serve our constant demands. SRC and CTI truly have built a relationship that is key to the success of Super Radiator Coils, now and in the future.

Kenneth D. Klatt Corporate Director of Materials, Super Radiator Coils March 26, 2015